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Print Advertising
Promotional materials for a variety of
clients. Art directed from initial concept
to finished layout, unless noted otherwise.
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Outdoor Advertising
Bus side ad comps for Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
Art directed and wrote headline copy.
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Entertainment Advertising | GH
This tune-in campaign for ABC Daytime's
General Hospital used juicy quotes from its
characters to build audience interest and
mentor new viewers. Stark images of the show's
characters in slightly abstracted settings were
meant to communicate relationships and story
arcs. I helped conceive and art direct the print
ads and posters as one member of a
high-powered creative team.
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Entertainment Advertising | The City
On-air launch ads for a new daytime drama
on ABC were shot in black and white with iconic
urban footage. The distinct look, reminiscent of
1950's NewYork newsreels, conveyed an urban vibe
and led into a tune-in campaign narrated by
a likeable mailman, whose brief, off the cuff observations
helped introduce the show's characters. A limited print effort
announced the show and promotional "postcards" from
characters teased storyline. I co-conceived and
helped pitch this comprehensive campaign, and
art directed the on-air and tune-in spots, as
well as some of the print.
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CBS Daytime
The retooling of the CBS corporate logo with a diamond in its center was created as part of an on-air campaign for CBS Daytime, with a nod to the TV network’s glory days. (CBS was known as “The Tiffany Network” back in the early days of television, based on its reputation for high quality programming.) The animated diamond logo lasted for several seasons beyond the campaign as a useful branding tool. “Heatwave” was a separate campaign concepted and executed for CBS Daytime, and was thematically incorporated into the storylines of its dramas.
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